A month of vlogging


A little while ago I decided to vlog my week just to try it out and see if I should do this more often. I posted the first vlog a month ago and I got a lot of positive comments on the video. I decided to continue the vlogging thing and even though I was not sure if I would do so every week, I really liked doing it. For some reason I didn’t share these videos on my blog yet, so here you go! A month of vlogging:

My first attempt to vlogging my week. I unboxed some packages, went to a Y&T concert and filmed while practicing on my guitar.

In my second vlog week I got interviewed for “Het Platenblad”, a Dutch magazine about vinyl records. I also received two albums that I ordered from Tankcrimes.

In the third vlog I went to a record fair where I found a record that I’ve been wanting for a really long time already and I had my first showcase at the Metal Factory. I also learned how to replace my guitar strings myself since I really needed to know.

I received a huge package with fanmail, all the way from Canada. I also finally got the chance to buy the Limited Edition Maleficent Disney Designer Doll that I’ve been eyeballing for years and I’m giving you a quick look at her. I was very tired this week so that’s why it may be a little bit boring, but next weekend is going to be exciting so I’ll make up for it in my next vlog.

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