IRON MAIDEN CONCERT VLOG | Gelredome 08-06-2016


On the 8th of june I got to see Iron Maiden live at Gelredome in Arnhem, The Netherlands. I hope you like this concert vlog!

02:03 Intro
03:50 If Eternity Should Fail
07:05 Speed Of Light
07:37 The Trooper
08:47 Hallowed Be Thy Name
10:33 Fear Of The Dark
13:23 Iron Maiden
16:07 The Number Of The Beast

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2 thoughts on “IRON MAIDEN CONCERT VLOG | Gelredome 08-06-2016

  1. Karel Foolen says:

    Wow Emmelie
    I saw your almost 18 minutes video?I got me a ratler, put my lazy chair on flat posture,
    and enjoyed your Iron Maiden Concert Vlog =D Crowdie out there, that’s nothing for me.
    But I like there music! For me Present Danger in a tent 6 – 700 people, that’s enough lol
    But I understand that you guys enjoyed your self’s enormously !
    Thank you Emmelie, with my l ❤ vjes

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